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Car Accident Attorneys

It is an unfortunate reality that about five drivers die and 35 are seriously hurt each week here in Florida. The car accident attorneys at Gagnon Eisele, P.A., regularly represent victims injured due to the negligence of other drivers. In personal injury cases, experienced legal representation is critical. Our attorneys understand local and state laws. We work with clients every step of the way, from initial filings to courtroom advocacy. We’re committed to defending your rights.

Driving On Orlando’s Treacherous Roads

Orlando has traffic problems. The I-4 corridor is one of the most hazardous stretches in the nation. Local drivers also say that the John Young Parkway between SR 50 and Orange Center Boulevard is one of the most dangerous corridors in the metro area. These and others like Orange Blossom Trail and West Colonial Drive are notorious for heavy traffic, frequent construction and high-speed limits that can be a recipe for disaster. Additionally, the intersection of Orange Blossom Trail and West Colonial Drive is another area with a high incidence of collisions due to complex traffic patterns and dense urban congestion. Florida State Roads 408, 417, 429 and 528 also present their own dangers.

The hazardous nature of these roads is complicated by factors like the influx of tourists unfamiliar with the area, the constant stop-and-go traffic, and the sometimes unpredictable Florida weather, which can lead to slick road surfaces and reduced visibility. With all these elements in play, driving in Orlando demands heightened awareness and caution to navigate safely. Unfortunately, that may not be enough to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Five Common Injuries From Car Accidents

Injuries from car accidents can be severe and traumatic, often having an effect that lasts long after the collision. Common examples include:

  • Whiplash: Neck strain causing pain and restricted movement.
  • Concussions: Brain injury that can lead to cognitive and coordination issues.
  • Broken bones: Fractures that may require surgery and lengthy recovery.
  • Lacerations: Deep cuts that could result in scarring or infection.
  • Internal injuries: Damage to organs causing long-term health complications.

These common injuries from car accidents underscore the importance of safe driving and prompt medical attention.

The Advantage Of Legal Guidance

Even if the defendants’ insurers offer to settle out of court, consulting with an attorney before signing anything is wise. Speak with a car accident attorney within an hour. Gagnon Eisele, P.A., offers free initial consultation and will evaluate whether your case’s compensation truly reflects the scope of your losses. Contact us at 561-316-0134 or use our online form. We work on contingency, which means there are no legal fees unless we win your case.