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About Our Firm

Michael Gagnon and Justin Eisele met at Florida A&M University College of Law. A few years later, we opened Gagnon Eisele, P.A. in 2016. We have extensive experience handling disputes and litigation in various practice areas, including business law, construction law, criminal law, family law and personal injury law.

Whatever the issue, we have the necessary litigation skills and experience to give you the confidence to move forward with any case regardless of whether it goes to trial. Our team has you covered – no matter the issue.

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Mike Gagnon and Justin Eisele

We Are Client-Focused

With strong support from paralegal and office manager Anna Rovetto, our primary goal is to secure fair and equitable resolutions, whether it is a settlement or a win in court. With five decades of combined experience, we pride ourselves on working directly with the clients and being responsive to their needs. It starts with returning initial inquiries within an hour and offering a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your legal issue. Once hired, clients can contact us anytime to discuss details of their case or recent developments.

With his strong sense of justice and people-first approach, Mike Gagnon excels in the challenging world of litigation, where his knack for handling intense situations and arguing challenging issues yields impressive outcomes. His gratitude-infused life philosophy stems from a childhood filled with familial responsibilities and an enriching four-year sojourn in Paris. An Orlando native since 1999, Mike’s legal talents, shaped by diverse internships and a strong educational background, shines in personal injury, family law and criminal defense. His personal experience with negligence-induced family tragedy drives the latter.

Justin Eisele is a University of Georgia alumnus who managed a small business in Athens while studying full-time. After working in building product distribution and being promoted in Florida, he shifted to law, excelling in law school with magna cum laude honors. He received scholarships, honed advocacy skills through moot court and served as the Law Review’s Articles Editor. Justin worked for the largest building products distributor in the country, and he now uses his hands-on experience in the construction business to litigate construction cases. He also handles personal injury, real estate law and civil litigation.

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If you are looking for client-focused lawyers with experience, compassion and zeal, schedule a free consultation today with Gagnon Eisele, P.A.. To speak to a lawyer within an hour, please call us at 561-316-0134 or use our contact page to schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyers.