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Compassionate Family Law Attorneys

Family law is a sensitive practice area that profoundly affects people’s personal lives. An experienced family law attorney can ensure your interests are protected, but we can also bring you peace of mind. We know the complexities of the law and can protect your rights during a stressful time of transition. If there is a dispute, our litigation experience can resolve the thorniest issues. We always aim to achieve a fair and equitable outcome that allows you and your family to move forward.

At Gagnon Eisele, P.A., we know that every family’s situation is unique. That is why our local attorneys listen carefully to what you want and need. Then, we discuss your goals, concerns and hopes for the future before crafting a personalized course of action. With a strategic approach, we aim to secure a successful transition for your post-divorce life and offer you the confidence that you’re well represented.

Our Family Law Services

Our hands-on approach often enables us to help clients with the following issues:

  • Divorce: We help you navigate the end of a marriage, addressing all legal requirements and settlements.
  • Child custody: Keeping the children’s best interests at heart, we work to find the best parenting arrangement.
  • Parenting plans: We strive to create arrangements that balance parents’ schedules and the needs of the children.
  • Modifications: Life changes, and so can your divorce decree; we can help legally adjust the terms when needed.
  • Spousal support: While less common than in the past, this can ensure fair financial support for spouses who cannot support themselves.
  • Domestic violence: Legal support is crucial for protecting victims and addressing the legal consequences of abuse.

These services provide stability and a clear path forward during family-based legal issues.

Managing Family Law Challenges With Empathy And Experience

Those weighing their options can learn more about how a lawyer can help. We are ready to help you find the best solutions for your family’s future. Call our Longwood office at 561-316-0134 or contact us through our online form to get a free initial consultation. Have questions? Speak with an attorney within the hour.