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Attorneys Resolving Construction Disputes

Orlando is one of the most popular cities in the country to relocate to. Still, that’s no secret with a metro area that is the third largest in the state. The area’s growing population needs places to live, relax and conduct business, which means construction and real estate development. Anyone who has ever worked on a building project knows things never go as planned. The real trick is addressing problems as they arise.

Construction law has been a core part of Gagnon Eisele, P.A.. Partner Justin Eisele came from the construction business before attending law school and has a rare insight not often found among other construction law or business law attorneys. We typically work with homeowners, contractors, laborers and project owners.

Construction disputes are intricate, involving numerous agreements among developers, contractors and subcontractors. Ideally, these components work harmoniously, ensuring projects stay on track and integrate smoothly. Yet, complications often arise, disrupting progress and causing delays that may result in legal action. Our firm navigates these complexities, providing clear guidance and support during disputes and litigation.

Construction Law Issues We Often Handle

We handle a wide range of construction law issues, but it generally breaks down to the following:

  • Contractual disputes: Contractual disputes are common and often revolve around not meeting the terms of the agreement. It could be contractors not meeting the agreement. While the owner or developer can have a valid point about a contract, contractors who don’t get paid can file a lien on the property, which is a problem for the owner.
  • Construction defects: These often mean a deficiency arising out of the design, specifications, surveying, planning, supervision, observation of construction or construction, repair, alteration or remodeling of real property.

Florida Has Chapter 558

Chapter 558 is known as the construction defect statute. Property owners must give contractors, subcontractors, suppliers or design professionals notice of any construction defects before filing a lawsuit. This notice is a mandatory step that allows those who worked on the project to fix the issues without going to court.

Using this statute, we work to resolve the issue and avoid litigation and/or foreclosure. Still, we prepare each case as if we are going to court.

Speak With A Construction Lawyer Today

The legal team at Gagnon Eisele, P.A., understands both sides of construction law issues – people deserve what they pay for, and people deserve payment when they perform the agreed-upon work. Whichever role the client is in, this area of law involves a variety of legal notifications, and all of them have deadlines.

With so much money riding on work and the complicated nature of the law, our clients find it helpful for us to handle the legal details to ensure they meet deadlines with the proper paperwork. Under a tight deadline? Contact today 561-316-0134 or use our contact form.