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Business Dispute Attorneys

Business disputes arise from time to time. How stakeholders and managers handle these issues safeguards the ongoing viability of the operation. Whether it is a dispute between co-owners that is likely to end up in court or a disagreement over the terms of a deal between two companies, Gagnon Eisele, P.A., has helped businesses here in the Orlando area. We safeguard their future when money, legal liability and the business’s ongoing viability are at stake.

Trust a firm that values your future. Our partners are here to answer your questions and address your concerns head-on. Our lawyers will not back down from a challenge and will keep your best interests at the forefront of every case.

Guiding Clients Through Business Disputes

We have helped clients dealing with a variety of situations, including:

  • Partnership disagreements: When business partners disagree on decisions, profits or company direction, it can lead to a serious argument that might need legal guidance.
  • Shareholder disputes: Shareholders may clash with company management or each other over profits, business practices or the company’s future.
  • Franchise disputes: Franchise owners and franchisors can have conflicts over contract terms, operations or payments.
  • Commission: Salespeople might argue with their employers about earned commissions, leading to disagreements over pay.
  • Intellectual property: Businesses can face legal battles over using creative works, brand names or inventions protected by copyright, trademark or patent laws.
  • Purchase or sale of a business: When buying or selling a company, disagreements can arise over the business’s value, assets or terms of the sale.
  • Construction disputes: Many independent businesses work together on a building site, and one that does not meet agreed-upon terms can reputationally or financially affect the others.

Disputes vary, but they all share the need for clear communication and sometimes legal guidance to find a resolution.

Strategic Legal Help

These issues can put stress on every part of the business. Our attorneys develop strategic solutions aimed at protecting the durability of the operation and the client’s financial well-being. With so much at stake, it is always in your best interest to talk to a skilled attorney as soon as you have questions. Ignoring problems often leads to larger difficulties down the road. You can schedule a free consultation with our team by calling our Longwood office at 561-316-0134 or using our contact form. Talk to a lawyer within an hour.